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What's New?

Scammers exploit surge in online activity to target younger victims

Twenty-something consumers are most likely age group to fall victim to online purchase fraud 04-Aug-2021 17:25:12

One-third of people questioned in new research about fraud said they had been scammed in the past three months...

Still grappling with crypto basics? You’re not alone

‘At present, society is split between a small minority of players with a PhD-level of understanding and a kindergarten audience’ 04-Aug-2021 15:00:51

...cryptocurrency is a Ponzi scheme or not demands a knowledge of computer science and finance and psychology or...

US sets stage for first Treasury sales reduction in five years

Government says it may cut back on issuance in November amid easing borrowing needs 04-Aug-2021 14:45:07

...inflation. Wednesday’s announcement also showed that the Treasury had begun using “extraordinary measures” to finance the...

Toyota: record profits presage a downhill path

Carmaker boosted by its stockpile of chips but cannot escape supply drought for much longer 04-Aug-2021 12:09:34

For Toyota, a record quarterly operating profit will only draw attention to its unattractive outlook. A pricey share...

What’s in a name? DWS eyes ESG refresh for funds

Plus, NGFS faces criticism over scenarios, and a breakthrough in the war against microplastics? 04-Aug-2021 11:00:51

...has flaws, according to Reclaim Finance, a Paris-based activist group founded in 2020 by Lucie Pinson. In a report...

Short sellers double bets against China Evergrande’s bonds

Investor sentiment sours further against hugely indebted property developer facing cash crunch 04-Aug-2021 04:14:52

International investors have more than doubled their bets against under-pressure developer China Evergrande’s bonds, in...

UK investment trusts that are taking on thematic ETFs

Risks and rewards could be higher with some trusts targeting unlisted early and growth stage companies 04-Aug-2021 04:01:50

...educational features, investment commentary, actionable tips and personal finance coverage. To find out more,...

Brussels faces test of its will to tackle Big Tech

Two sets of draft legislation come as member states urge stronger action 04-Aug-2021 04:00:51

...endorse the new laws, want even tougher regulation. Finance and economic ministers in France, Germany and the...

Computer-driven funds to muscle into new markets, says Man Group CIO

Sandy Rattray predicts quant ‘invasion’ in corporate debt and private equity 04-Aug-2021 04:00:51

...more territory in areas of finance long considered treacherous terrain for algorithmic strategies.“Markets have in...

Can I use cryptocurrency towards my house purchase?

My lender tells me they cannot accept it and neither can the conveyancing solicitor 04-Aug-2021 04:00:51

I have a modest sum invested in cryptocurrencies which I would now like to use towards a house purchase. However, my...

How to blow up a private equity fund featuring Novalpina Capital

Plus, why Goldman Sachs is downsizing one of its most profitable businesses, and Credit Suisse’s past comes back to haunt it 04-Aug-2021 04:00:51

...hired Oliver Jefferies as a partner in its banking and finance practice. He joins in London from Stephenson Harwood...

Letter: COP26 needs to agree on a comprehensive framework

From Colin Challen and others 04-Aug-2021 03:59:50

...“suicide note”.In his Reith lectures Mark Carney, UN special envoy on climate action and finance, described C&C...

Nissan aims to maintain lead over Tesla and VW in reusing batteries

CEO Makoto Uchida wants to expand recycling of lithium-ion devices used in electric vehicles 03-Aug-2021 23:01:50

Tesla’s Model 3 has already overtaken Nissan’s Leaf as the best-selling electric vehicle of all time. But the head of...

Adult skills and training vital to UK ‘levelling up’, says study

Think-tank shows disparity in qualifications, health and access to finance across regions 03-Aug-2021 23:01:50

...health outcomes with higher incidence of diabetes, obesity and depression.Moreover, the study reported access to finance...

SEC’s Gensler seeks new powers to regulate ‘Wild West’ crypto markets

US securities regulator calls on Congress to help protect investors from fraud and abuse 03-Aug-2021 16:15:30

...as well as in decentralised finance, or DeFi. “Regulators would benefit from additional authorities in this space...

Is a holiday home worth the hassle?

‘Bees in the chimney, subsidence, fallen trees, roof leaks — and I haven’t even mentioned insurance, council tax and maintenance’ 03-Aug-2021 15:02:44

As you would with someone over the age of 40 who says that they’ve not had any form of midlife crisis, be very wary of...

The terms of China’s massive loan spree

Research looks at how the world’s largest sovereign creditor lends. 03-Aug-2021 14:57:48

China is the world’s biggest lender to governments. And that’s not just because of its gigantic stockpile of US...

Alibaba’s growth slows as China pushes tech regulation

Ecommerce giant also faces increased competition from Pinduoduo and JD.com 03-Aug-2021 14:35:47

Chinese ecommerce group Alibaba reported slowing growth in the second quarter, missing analyst expectations as its core...

Tencent/Alibaba: reading between the lions after ‘spiritual opium’ slur

Beijing’s game of sectoral whack-a-mole means investors must expect limits on share valuations 03-Aug-2021 13:10:38

Lions of stone flank the doors of some traditional Chinese homes in hopes they will stop spiritual threats from entering...

Credit Suisse to face ‘tuna bonds’ trial

Re-emergence of 2013 scandal is a further blow to bank’s attempts to move on from a spate of crises 03-Aug-2021 12:59:51

...Swiss lender’s attempts to move on from a spate of crises that culminated in the implosions of niche finance company...

Square’s $29bn bet on Afterpay heralds future for ‘buy now, pay later’ trend

Jack Dorsey’s deal comes as increasingly competitive sector faces growing regulatory hurdles 03-Aug-2021 10:41:49

...have seven buttons when you go to checkout, I don’t think is a sustainable state of affairs,” said one consumer finance...

US card payments: shrugging off shrinking balances

Payment card companies benefit from both reduced credit losses and bounceback in consumer spending 03-Aug-2021 10:36:52

Americans put away their plastic last year as the pandemic triggered the worst economic downturn in decades. Credit card...

Income investing in the summer of the UK ‘super dividend’

Income investors are enjoying a bumper crop of payouts this summer — but are they sustainable? 03-Aug-2021 04:00:06

...personal finance content at Fidelity International and author of “The Search for Income: An Investor’s Guide to Income...

China’s Tencent imposes controls to tackle gaming addiction among children

Online games branded ‘spiritual opium’ in Beijing’s latest assault on tech and its social impact 03-Aug-2021 04:09:41

Tencent has announced new restrictions on how long minors can play its online games after the Chinese internet group...

Fixing England’s home service charge scandal

Scope of existing plans to reform leasehold contracts should be expanded 03-Aug-2021 09:00:29

Making sure that property charges worth billions of pounds are fair and above board is not something that should be left...

China green energy ETFs deliver best performance in first half

Surge in returns follows commitments made by Xi Jinping to achieve net zero emissions by 2060 03-Aug-2021 04:02:06

...to follow the Chinese government’s Climate Finance Guidance, and build their environmental, social and governance...

IMF warns against using crypto as national currency ahead of El Salvador launch

Lender reiterates concerns as Latin American nation prepares for September switch-on 03-Aug-2021 04:01:06

..., however, the central bank, finance ministry and banking regulator shot back, saying Mexican banks are not...

Economies reliant on tourism face second Covid summer slump

Pandemic’s spread and vaccine shortage deal blow to already-fragile growth prospects 03-Aug-2021 04:00:06

...per cent in 2020, according to the Institute of International Finance — the biggest surge on record.The damage has not...

Dealmakers weigh their golden handcuffs

Plus, Jack Dorsey’s Square clinches Australia’s biggest deal ever, and hedge funds encroach on private equity’s territory 03-Aug-2021 04:00:06

...America has hired Goldman Sachs’ Uday Malhotra as head of leveraged finance origination for Europe, the Middle East and...

Repeat - Financial tips for the self-employed

Mortgages and pensions for freelancers 03-Aug-2021 04:00:00

REPEAT: Have you ever dreamt of starting your own business? It might sound more fulfilling — but being an employee has...

Olympic sponsors need to ‘walk the talk’ on values

Games demonstrate why Japanese companies must ditch traditional ‘silent’ approach on social issues 02-Aug-2021 23:01:06

Two days before the Tokyo Olympics launched with Naomi Osaka lighting the cauldron, the Japanese tennis star said on...

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